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16/05 The Seven Laws of Love by Dave Willis

The Seven Laws of Love with Dave Willis  will aired February 2nd on Transforming Relationships with host, Julieanne O’Connor 

What better time than during the month of love, to catch some profound truths, tips and principles about love from Dave Willis, author of The Seven Laws of Love. Tune-in for a very honest interview and pick up a copy of the book anywhere books are sold.

About The Seven Laws of Love

In our fast-paced, success-obsessed culture, we’re constantly tempted to chase after things that don’t matter. We’ve been conditioned to value possessions over people, status over relationships, and ourselves over God.
But the reality is this: God created love to be the centerpiece of our lives.
In The Seven Laws of Love, Dave Willis makes the case for a love revival and proves that in returning to a life of love we have no greater model than the one who is love himself.
In Dave’s humorous, touching, down-to-earth style, The Seven Laws of Love takes you on a journey through the ins and outs of everyday relationships—with your spouse, your children, your friends, and your co-workers—using practical, applicable examples and guiding principles that demonstrate what a life of love actually looks like.
There is no higher calling on earth than to love and be loved. It’s time to learn The Seven Laws of Love, and to make loving a priority over all other pursuits. Anything else isn’t really living.


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