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Jesse Ann Nichols GeorgeJesse Ann is a Code Interpreter.  This work specifically focuses on gaining greater insight into your personalized and innate coding.  We look at how your energy flows naturally, where the blocks happen, what keeps you in flow, what “hidden” energies may be at play, your ability to work with others or need for independence, your personal tools and connections to people and things – if someone is in your coding you will tend to be aligned with them for blessings or challenges.  We can also address positive and negative locations for you to live and work in; or answer questions on how to handle things in your life.  Did you know we tend to draw in those that are naturally encoded in us?  This is like understanding your own personal magnetism abilities and what you draw in naturally, or are naturally synchronized with.  Coding offers many layers and depths to play in and discover.

16/07 Innate Energy Coding with Jesse Ann Nichols George pt1   with Bill Mackie

16/08 Innate Energy Coding with Jesse Ann Nichols George pt2   with Bill Mackie

PVR 16/05 Coding your “ZONE” with Sara Troy and Bill Mackie

C16/03 Your Divine Code Interpretation for 2016 

with Sara Troy

0006 How changing your name will impact your future…

with Sara Troy.

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