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Partnership and Relationships


Partners in life, business, love, friendship, are all based in trust, respect, value, and honesty. The tide has changed, we are seeing the need and desire to have an honest authentic open collaboration with each other, that not only serves each other but propels all forward in life.

When you succeed I succeed, when you excel so do I, when your in need I need to step up for that is the truth about a relationship, the need to be there for each other, in our love lives, working lives, family and friendships.

It is refreshing to see that this thought is taking place in the business world. We no longer tolerate tyrants yelling at us, or demeaning us and using us, but understand the value of placing worth on peoples abilities and personalities. The respect and encouragement of all who work with us seeds growth, the placement of value on all workers builds self-esteem and loyalty, for when we all grow the company grows.

We see so many entrepreneurs today understanding this approach and with collaboration building a dream that all can be proud of and that all benefit from. The Ivory towers of elite are beginning to crumble, the privileged few at the expense of the many dying out, the riches of the establishment instead of the enrichment of the collective have changed direction, and we are seeing more equality slowly being served.

Are we there yet? no, but we are on our way, why because we know the archaic way of getting rich on the backs of the poor just don’t cut it any more. Ethics, respect, appreciation and participation, need inspiration and invitation, and we only get that when we value everyone from the ground up.

So when you give value to the individual in your company and show that you appreciate their contribution  and  share the benefits that they have participated in building, then everyone works harder and with more enfusiasum to make the company great because they are a part of it.

We all want to know we are valued in life, that what we do is respected and appreciated, and that we are seen and heard, that we count. When a company big or small looks to their employees as partners in the company, everyone wins and everything grows, because in the end everything we are and do is about a relationship with ourselves and each other.

Let us keep the tide of change growing for it is the only way we seed the change in all arenas of life.

Sara Troy

Self Discovery Radio

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