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To the Angels who have left us this year

For all those Angels who have gone home this year this one is for you and all those you left behind.

We will never forget you, but to have know you, cared for you and had the pleasure of loving you we are blessed. Forever in our hearts souls and minds, you will be missed.

It seems we ahve been losing so many stars lately way too many of the greats. I not sure why they have been called home all together or why they all mostly died from cancer related deaths, but our (my) generation are going fast and we will miss them.

Let us keep in our heart and souls all those who lifts us up, made us smile, gave us truth that made our world better a solute of gratitude. To anyone you ahve lost this year, remember them well for that is how they continue on, through you because of you.

They have gone home to the divine energy of the cosmos, we were gifted their presence and for that we will always have a smile. 

To my Mama Jo who left me February 13th 2015 at the age of 95, thank you Mama you will always be with me.

You leave behind lives you have guided, spirits you have uplifted, and hearts you have filled.

Now it is time for you to be at peace in a place of divine love and loving harmony.



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