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C15/46b Politically Homeless …a Cultural Journey

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Mary Terzian on air from November 17th-

A universal struggle revealed in a personal story. This memoir is told against the backdrop of strict cultural upbringing, political turmoil and a young girl’s love for education propelling her toward independence.

Terzian’s story continues as her extraordinary biography – Politically Homeless . . . . .- unfolds with more adventures in her always honest and humorous voice.

Born in the Armenian diaspora, a young girl leaves her birthplace and community for an expatriate assignment in Africa. She seizes the opportunity to travel across three continents to find a niche where she can peacefully pursue her dreams.

Born in Egypt to immigrant Armenian parents, survivors from the great genocide, Mary is not encouraged to pursue higher education considered superfluous for young women then – in the 1950’s in Egypt.

Terzian is adamant to realize her dream. She accepts an offer from the World Health Organization to work in Alexandria, away from home, a very bold step in 1957. Five years later she qualifies for an expatriate assignment in Congo, a country in turmoil in 1962. During her home leave two years later she extends her vacation by another six weeks to travel across three continents in search of a niche where she could feel at home and pursue her interests for higher education. Her search spans eighteen countries, some visited for fun, others for serious consideration as a future home.

Terzian’s transfer to Lome, Togo, turns sour. She takes refuge in Lebanon hoping for permanent residence. Her passport expiring, her request for residence in Lebanon rejected, her last hope is to apply for immigration to the United States Embassy. To her great surprise, she is given a visa within a few months. On arrival in New York, she makes a beeline to Columbia University and starts working on her degree in Comparative Literature.


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Writing has been my passion since I was a teenager. My mother encouraged us to read passionately. She believed in education. We catered to her expectations. After her death I continued reading feverishly and writing poetry secretly. I wrote diaries too. Since then writing remained a sideline until I retired and dedicated my time to writing only. I write non-fiction, a slice of life stories, articles, opinion pieces and books.












“Politically Homeless . . .,” is globally available in digital and paperback formats at Amazon and similar on-line stores. It is also sold in brick and mortar book stores.

She blogs at author/maryterzian and is active within the Facebook and Linkedin communities.

The author now lives in California and calls herself “an imported American.”

You can also find me and more of my writing and other journeys on Author’s Den.


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