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TSM 15/38 Art Funding Liberty

Thier Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest Ileana Collazo aired September 22nd and now.  

Art Funding Liberty Ileana gives 25%-40% of all her proceeds to support the liberty, growth and life quality of women. 

Human Woman: The Female Identity, which I aim to grow into a worldwide collaboration with other artists that will be geared towards donating a portion of the proceeds of sales to women in need around the world. Together we can make a difference that will give liberty, freedom, dignity and purpose to women globally.

Memory Ghosts, a digital photography project still in its infancy.







Memory Ghosts 

                                COMMUNITY & PERSONAL INTERESTS


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Ileana Collazo

I learned all I needed about creating art as a young girl in my grandmother’s garden—where I sat doing what as an adult I call meditating—that quiet spot, became my temple.

Many years passed before I began to birth the creations conceived in my early daydreams. I started to write fiction and poetry, and then my mind exploded into a galaxy of colors, shapes, and, movement, as I started to paint (on surfaces, digitally, and then included digital photography to my artistic spectrum); creating dream worlds that entice observers to travel through my work surface has become one of my key life purposes.  My art is representative of the twists and turns we take in the course of our daily lives, and of the awe-inspiring beauty that surrounds us.

My work is my gift to the world, and to everyone who falls in love with it.

I was born in Cuba; and have lived in Spain, New York, Vermont, and Massachusetts. I now reside in Miami, Florida where I work and play at Collazo Art Studio with my artist husband Miguel, three dogs, and a cat named Monkey.

This is a long-overdue project the artist has been sub-consciously creating since her childhood, and one she plans to continue working on for the rest of her life.
Her hope is to create a collective of like-minded men and women creatives to collaborate on a global project that will yield funds through art sales/sponsorships which will be partially donated to improve women’s lives around the globe; as well as provide well-deserved revenue for artists that dedicate their lives to creating thought-provoking, life-impacting works that benefit society at large.
To view more images of the project refer to the first article published in
If you want to become part of this initiative (as an artist or a sponsor), or are interested in this body of work contact:
Ileana Collazo,
Collazo Art Studio

Ileana is represented by:
Tata Fernandez, Director
Silvia Medina, Curator
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