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C15/36b The Right to Believe in Your Faith

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and Pastor Aubrey Shines aired September 8th-14th

We all have a right to believe in our own faith and no one government, fanatics, or activists have the right to take that away from you. Christianity is under attack and discord is prevalent throughout America, how do we keep the faith out of law and keep it as a human right to believe?

Faith, prayer and uniting in a belief gives us strength, gives us sanctuary, and shows us, unconditional love. Today we are speaking to Christianity and the erosion that is taking place, we all have the right to free will and to stand tall in our faith and when we come together in respect not dictatorship we understand the meaning of faith.

Pastor Aubrey Shines speaks to the activist who are dictating the rights of Christians to practice and believe in their own faith, and how they need to stand tall in their faith and not let political correctness erode their belief. The right to embrace God in their own way.

Pastor Aubrey Shines, a Chicago native, began ministering in the Cook County Correctional System in Chicago, IL as an evangelical minister licensed by the late Bishop D. Husband (Churches of God in Christ). In 1987 God moved greatly upon Pastor Shines’ heart and he became the founder of Glory To Glory Ministries. The ministry has since transcended denominational, cultural, and ethnic boundaries. Glory To Glory Ministries is now located in the inner city of Tampa, Florida. Over the past twelve years, this congregation has grown tremendously because of the anointing that God has placed on Pastor Shine’s life. In September of 2014, Glory to Glory Ministries International will extend its boundaries by opening the doors of ministry in their second location, Glory to Glory Ministries of Orlando, Florida. Pastor Shines most recent accomplishment is being one of the seven founders of the International Communion of Evangelical Churches organization under the dynamic leadership of Presiding Bishop Harry R. Jackson, Jr.


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HOMOSEXUALITY? Things That The Media Won’t Tell You!

By Bishop Aubrey Shines

In this timely and provocative book, Bishop Aubrey Shines focuses a spotlight on the gay agenda and the current status of legal efforts to legitimize same-sex marriage. He issues a clarion call to the church to get informed and to get involved.

With a well-reasoned and balanced perspective, Bishop Shines offers a cogent analysis of the contemporary debate including:

Homosexuality? will help you understand exactly how this is a watershed issue for the church today and why Christians must step forward and let their voices be heard!


Book :

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