We give of ourselves in our business, our daily lives, but do some of us forget to give to ourselves? If we are empty we are useless to everyone including ourselves.

The merry go round of life, sometimes it’s up then down and it goes all around,but getting it to go straightforward is a challenge. I would love to walk a straight line for a while, I know the ups downs side is all about the journey, but just for a while a straight line would be most productive.

It is a challenge to keep one’s enthusiasm up when you are shaky on your feet, some balancing in order to see the line in front is needed to put a steady foot one in front of the other. My balance is off, I know, I do need the energy of inspiration people to give me a push or grab my hand a pull me forward because I am stuck.

I have been going around the same cycle for some years now, every time I think I have broken it, it just connects back to the cycle again. So some positive interruption is needed to sift me in a productive direction, as I go into yet another new direction I view it with new energy and purpose.

This was me not so long ago, but I have finally thanks to many found my path and embracing its twists and turns.

When you are stuck in a merry go round, it is hard to focus on what lies before you, and trying to walk that line is even harder because of the balance thing. So in my professional opinion if I was my client I would tell me to get someone to guide me out of the maze into the light of day.

But it is healers heal thyself thing, we are always there to help others but forget to aid our selves. The oxygen mask must be put on ourselves before others, we just charge ahead fixing people’s lives until we realize we are out of gas and there are no gas stations around. If we are empty we have nothing to give anyone else, SO my fellow givers, take this as a warning, DO NOT FORGET TO RECHARGE YOUR OWN BATTERY for it is very hard to recharge it when it is so empty.

Be it business, healing, aiding, teaching, giving, give the time to find that peace and inner tranquillity in order to face another day is essential. So see the warnings, stop, say NO and give some of that valuable time to yourself, you not only deserve it but it is your life’s blood, because trust me, getting this depleted is no fun and is very detrimental to one’s health, mentality, pocket book and well being. Take the time for you.

So I know that I got way too run down, In trying to get back up again I accepted help for I know it will take me to long to do it on my own. So any helping hands out there who have some excess energy and would like to give someone a leg up, here we are, looking for a way to walk straight again and not in the perpetual cycle.

Update: August 2015

With 40 months of radio hosting and producing shows on my own station Self Discovery Radio, I am in my flow, gaining energy from my passion and purpose, when we invest in ourselves, everyone benefits. 


Sara Troy



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