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TSM 15/26 Becoming Unique with Autism

Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest James Charles originally aired June 30th

Mental Challenges and Autism are even more evident today, but are we any closer to understanding them and the gifts they can be? Meet James Charles who has worked in the mentally disabled world for a long time only to discover he has always had Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Having struggled with social interaction and emotional development as a child, James was badly bullied and found himself consumed with overwhelming feelings of fear and anxiety. It wasn’t until he entered his fifth decade that the diagnoses of Autism Spectrum Disorder proved to be a revelation. It was only after he began to recognize the signs and symptoms of his patients in himself while he was working as a mental health practitioner, that he found the courage to seek out an official diagnosis. Suddenly released from the feelings of guilt, confusion and distress he had experienced since childhood,  James embraced life anew, began studying to become a life coach, and finally realized that his autism was, in fact, a gift.


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His book “Becoming Unique” is a moving and informative account of one man’s journey towards Autism Spectrum Disorder. Whilst delivering practical and constructive advice for those living with autism, Charles also examines the positive attributes of the disorder, which he calls a diffability. Becoming Unique is also a story of faith, as James examined his relationship with God and how he made peace with his diagnosis. A rare and valuable first-person narrative about living with autism, James Charles’ story will stay with the reader forever stay with you.

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