Sara’s View of Life

Sara Troy does a weekly show where she shares with you, her worldly perspectives on love, health, spirit, and living.

You never know what you are going to get nor does she know what she will talk about until she does. It is organic and intuitive perspectives on today’s living and the loving of life.


21-37 A Different Kind of Courage - The courage I had when I was young was in some way mindless, we believed as a young person does, that we can do anything and nothing will hurt us, we learn through life’s lessons that is not always so. I was such a timed person until I went to South Africa at the age … Continue reading 21-37 A Different Kind of Courage
21-36 Discovering Montreal. - Sara’s View Of Life with Sara Troy, on air from September 7th I have lived in Canada for 41 years now and have never gone to Montreal, so now is the time. I am going with my wonderful 88 year old friend who is saying good bye to her city of birth. To see it … Continue reading 21-36 Discovering Montreal.
21-34 Letting Optimism Drive - Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from August 31st Letting Optimism Drive, keeping the possibilities alive, and choosing to see things from higher vibrations will always show us the way forward. It is so easy to see everything wrong, but if we change our lenses we can see what is right also. … Continue reading 21-34 Letting Optimism Drive
21-34 Dealing with New Challenges - Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on-air from August 24th Yes, once again I am facing a challenge I thought was over. When it first happened I was shocked, then sad, then depressed, then filled with despair. Then I got mad, angry, and wanting to fight back, but we can not fight in anger, … Continue reading 21-34 Dealing with New Challenges


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