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Positive Living Roundtable; shows are hosted by our Self-Discovery host owner Sara Troy, each week a  showcase of a wide spectrum of positive thinking people sharing their extraordinary life experiences and views,  they will discuss topics that affect us and share our different perspectives on today’s life’s options.

When we hear things from a different perspective we learn to understand the whole picture. There is no black or white but the very many shades of life. Discussing these topics with inspiring people we discover so much more about ourselves and what options we have in life.

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PVR 17-04 Thriving in Uncertain Times with Nanci and Sandra - Positive Vibrations Roundtable with Sara Troy and her guests Nanci Adair and Sandra Crathern on air from January 17th  We address these uncertain times and in how we can empower ourselves to rise above and live in our own divine truth.  Rev. Nanci Weston Adair, MA, LCPC, ACC is an award-winning host and executive producer of UKandu … Continue reading PVR 17-04 Thriving in Uncertain Times with Nanci and Sandra
PV R15/26 From a Living Hell to Living a Life - Positive Vibrations Roundtable presents  Temple Hayes and Tony Edgell hosted by Sara Troy aired June 3o/15 We have all had redirection to face at some point in our lives, some easy some most indefinably hard, but in the end, those redirects guide us towards a beautiful life of meaning purpose and love should we choose … Continue reading PV R15/26 From a Living Hell to Living a Life



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