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Choose Positive Living podcast show is a very unique format that is dedicated to bringing together some of the most creative intuitive positive thinking experts from around the globe, who will help you to embrace all your inspiring possibilities!
There are some extraordinary people in the world who have overcome, redirected and are now living in their authenticity. Each one of these people are living in their Discovery of S.E.L.F (Soul Empowered Loving Fulfilment) and now share with you the listeners each week, their journey into embracing their purpose and the inspiration that got them living a life of meaning and self-love.

Here you find the coaches who will change your life from ordinary to extraordinary embracing your S.E.L.F


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C20-03 April Ria on 3-step Mindfulness Meditations. - Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest April Ria Qureshi-Davidson, on air January 14th Learn simple 3-step mindfulness practice business leaders and entrepreneurs are using to disrupt the thoughts that cause stress and rewire the brain for awareness, insight and clarity. What is yoga nidra meditation? What are some of the myths of … Continue reading C20-03 April Ria on 3-step Mindfulness Meditations.



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