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P15/22a What is the Question and Who has the Answer?

Positive Living Vibration with Sara Troy and her guest Adele Green originally aired June 2nd

What is the Question and Who has the Answer?

Adele Green knew her life needed to change but did not know how to, what were the questions she needed to ask and who knew the answers? In the discovery of these questions and answers, she knew her calling was to help other women ask the right questions and provide them with the means to the right answers which all lay within us.

I am a Transformation Specialist and twice published as an international author for Can You See Me Naked: Grow in a conscious relationship & Empowered Women.  In 2007 I founded a full-time private coaching and kinesiology practice to help women with what you need to make big changes in your life. I do this because when I could not find out why my soul pulled on my heartstrings, I left for Peru … and then another and another place on spiritual quests. In the end, I left a whole life behind to find myself. Before that, I was a professional corporate national buyer and category manager in the FMCG and fashion industry in South Africa.

I share my journey online because when I was looking for answers there were no other women that spoke as deeply as I needed to go. Everyone offered me answers, but few told me to look inside. The real teachers are those who teach us to look on the inside, and few can guide us there successfully.


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