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Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest Dawn Marie Westmoreland aired from May 19th on.


Dawn Marie Westmoreland author of The Empowered Whistleblower: A Practical and Spiritual Path to Personal Power, prompted the need for a foundation for women being bullied in their workplace. 

The Foundation of Respect is a non-profit organisation established by Dawn to help empower women who are being bullied in the workplace. The Foundation of Respect offers women the ability to seek guidance through coaching, speaking engagements, on-line training, and free tips. The Foundation of Respect also offers women the ability to recover and to step into their personal power, feeling more confident and empowered. Dawn is constantly sought out by media to discuss the mission and underlying story of The Foundation of Respect.

11265423_762914530492103_8928654530032823575_nDawn Marie Westmoreland is a speaker, writer, “breakthrough” coach, and hypnotherapist.

She used to be a former leader in hiding! She used to hide from being her greatest self. Why? Dawn was scared of her power and was afraid of failure. She was also disappointing a lot of people because she was not living in her zone of genius, but the hardest critic was herself. After many struggles and lessons, she learned how to achieve everything she set out to do that is alignment with her goals and values. Dawn took her past challenges and made them into triumphs. After working 25 years in the government, she took the initiative and left an unfulfilling career to now help empower professional women who are struggling to get through their “blocks” and realising their zone of genius.

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TheEmpoweredWhistleblower-3DDawn is a retired Air Force veteran, who worked in many special duties and leadership positions. Learning has always been her forte and she studied leadership, earning a masters in management and human resources. Her curiosity of learning enabled Dawn to earn other degrees and certifications such as horticulture, business, life coaching, and hypnotherapy. With many years of experience, she uses these tools to help women “shift” into their true potential, in a powerful and quick transformation. Women learn how to command respect and step into their personal power in a shorter measure of time than other methods. Dawn is living her life with passion and designing every day with an alignment of her values as she teaches her clients to fulfil their own destiny as they see fit.

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