P15/19b Confessions From One Madly In Love Kissing Couple

Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guests Tara and Mike Myers aired from May 12th on.

TaraMikeChicagoSquareTara and Mike Myers, the founders of Kissingtour® and the authors of “Pink Chair No Underwear: 19 Confessions From One Madly In Love Couple.” Who are the Myers and what is Kissingtour? A few years ago, they made a jailbreak from the mainstream to live a deliberate “wow” life filled with love. Why? They believe marriage can be a LOT more fun and energizing than many couples make it look. So, they decided to be the poster couple for living big and kissing often. (Redefine married love? Why not!) They shed 80 combined years of gear and traded conventional comforts to travel, observe couples, and talk love with anyone who would listen.

1013_irerosscastleAlong the way they founded Kissingtour as a forum to journal their life one kiss at a time and change the way the world sees love. Their lifetime project started on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. Couples posed rigidly for photos. They kissed. At the White House. The Washington Monument. People clapped. Giggled. Snapped photos for their Instagram account. Even a 7-year-old boy. That night, they conceived kissingtour.com on a Baltimore barstool. Since then, they’ve kissed from San Francisco to Sweden. From Paul Bunyan’s boot to the Papal Apartment. From New Mexico’s fiestas to the Blackhawks victory parade. 9 countries, 27 states…and counting.

Countless inspiring people have crossed their path, shared their deeply personal love stories with the Myers, and challenged them to think bigger and spread their mission farther. Today they’re here to talk with us about this super neat thing they call life.


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About Pink Chair No Underwear

Tara and Mike Myers recently released their first book together, Pink Chair No Underwear: 19 CoverConfessions From One Madly In Love Couple. It was listed as a “hot new release” on Amazon and rose to a #1 position in both the travelogues and personal growth categories. The book has earned a five-star review and is being called “uplifting and inspiring…wonderfully liberating…a true love and life manifesto.”

What if you redesigned your life and set out to change the way the world sees love? One kiss at a time? In their book, the Myers reveal how they did just that. Suffocating under the weight of stuff and unfulfilled with the mainstream shuffle, this magnetic duo—twins, some say—took a giant leap from life’s moving walkway to the path less travelled. Way less travelled. It was then that the breadcrumbs began to appear, leading them on a zigging, zagging, exhilarating journey to the place where the magic happens.

They share a brain. Possibly a childhood? Definitely a heart. How did this couple, 10 years apart, combine their passions and gain the confidence to conceive of a plan to redefine married love? In their shockingly candid, deeply moving, and witty book, the kissers reveal 19 confessions that explain how—and why—they live big and kiss often.

Site:  Kissingtour.com

Tara Myers  kissingtour@gmail.com

instagram.com/kissingtour/ catch all the loving kisses right here.



Amazon: http://amzn.to/1wIbTaT

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