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IMG_5149 (400x500)A kindred spirit Nancy speaks to her Why, her journey in embracing her spirit and soul and allowing her heart to grow. When not Interviewing people who are making a difference in the world she teaches her Vision board program and Soul discovery. She is also an author and public speaker, and she celebrates the beauty and the spirit of life

Nancy Ferrari shares her messages of inspiration and positivity as the producer and host of her radio show, The Nancy Ferrari Show, on Spark It Network, as well as iHeartRadio.  Nancy is a speaker, author, and contributing writer for numerous online publications, including as a featured writer for Applaud Women Magazine.  Nancy is a co-author within the best-selling books, Selling With Synchronicity, Contagious Optimism and Savvy Women: Revving Up for Success.

As founder of Nancy Ferrari Media Network, Nancy’s vision as an Intuitive Life Coach is to help women connect to their core essence and discover their true calling.  Nancy serves on the Board for The Little Light Project, a nonprofit organization and is a charter member of Lessons From Network, as a Life Transition Expert.  Nancy recently received her official certification as an Akashic Record Consultant and offers her intuitive soul readings as part of her coaching services.   


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The creation of my Vision Board was a defining moment in my life as I discovered the clarity and vision I had been seeking for a crystal clear direction in my life. I was inspired to become a Certified Vision Board Coach and received my accreditation from The Vision Board Institute. As a Certified Vision Board Coach, I offer my services of facilitating your creation of your Vision Board utilizing my unique process.

Nancy is also a certified Angel and Oracle tarot card reader and Certified Akashic Record Consultant


My website is www.nancyferrari.com

My email address is nancy@nancyferrari.com


Facebook name is /nancy.t.ferrari

Twitter name is @NancyFerrari24

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