S15/05 Why Their Story Matters

“Their Story Matters” with Sara Troy and Harriet Khataba, Originally Aired February 3rd/15 

images (2)Welcome to “Their Story Matters” a new channel of inspiring empowering stories of courage and the discovery of self-worth, plus the people and organisations who helped them find the new path of meaningful purpose and liberty.

L.I.F.E: Liberty in Independence and Freedom with Equality is the very key to living in your D.I.V.A Dreams, Inspirations Visions Aspirations

We all have a story to tell of our life’s journeys, some journeys have needed help along the way, a hand up, loving support, tools for moving forward, encouragement and respect. Harriet Khataba is currently the owner and chief operator of the “Her Story Matters” an organisation, founded by Harriet, to spotlight and support women from across the globe in an effort to provide awareness and support for women to tell their stories and to emerge as a stronger and more successful individual. This effort would not be possible without the experiences provided to her throughout her life and career.

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 I want to leave a legacy, to bring 350 million women from around the world in one voice, to fight for those without a voice.

Harriet’s organisation inspired me to create this channel for the very purpose of sharing the stories of those in growth and those who invest in humanity. We will be speaking about the need to tell these stories, why it empowers other women into finding their courage to tell their own story, and we will also look to what Harriet’s organisation does to help these women find liberty, dignity and meaningful purpose in their lives.

This is the first of such interviews embracing the work of those who care about humanity and wish to unite communities. Humanitarian groups, we wish to embrace what you are doing in helping humanity, please come share your passion of what your organisation is doing to help others find their liberty, dignity and personal freedom to embrace their possibilities. We wish to tell your story as it very much matters.


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