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2015-02-15 Micheldever 020Just like a lot of people I thought my life was pretty mapped out. At 36 years I had a great career within the health care profession, I worked hard and enjoyed all that life came with it. Then, with out reason this all changed when I developed adult onset epilepsy.

Just as my life came crashing down around me, I started a new journey in my life. This has lead me to writing my first book, sharing my journey of finding positive living, how it helped me cope and achieve a life long dream. In my book, I share the highs and lows during this period, I share situations I went through and how I discovered a way to help me deal with epilepsy the best way I could. Positive living changed my life for the better and I hope sharing my story will help and inspire others. positive-living/


“Cara is a poem that doesn’t rhyme, she’s a deep thinker, a scientist, a humanist, a positive thinker, a philosopher and a dreamer.

Cara is a painting that changes in the wind, she’s an animal lover, a person of the earth, a good friend, a guardian-angel for the less-fortunate, a fighter,a team player. She can be a loner when she wants to be, she can be obstinate if she chooses, but she knows her choice and knows that she can be easily misunderstood.

Cara is a flower that never fades, she’s kind and thoughtful, she’s an organiser, she is loving, caring and sharing, and works hard to play hard. She is my daughter and I love her to bits. I am so proud of everything she has achieved.”

caraBut I wouldn’t intentionally upset her…

Cara is a song that only Cara can sing
By Cara’s dad



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