P14/09a I Am Dream Driven with Auret

ORIGINALLY AIRED  March 4th/2014 on Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and Auret Esselen

Auret Esselen and her partner Jewel Tolentino are two energetic young female entrepreneurs with a passion for life.  Today we interview Auret and discover her journey in living her dream.

Auret8With Auret’s music career taking off, the Essetino Connexions business first started helping other artists and performers market themselves online.  After serving as the official social media experts for a local music label and working with other artists and small businesses globally, the business was nominated for the Vancouver Social Media Awards, and Auret and Jewel went on to publish two popular courses online: Unlimited Social Media Tutorials and 25 Steps to ROCK Your YouTube Views.

They’ve since set out to help more entrepreneurs live their passion with their latest project, called

I Am Dream Driven.

“The reason why we started I Am Dream Driven was because we both share a similar dream and vision: One that involves working from the beaches of the world, living life on purpose and doing172x172_20131011_a08677589cbe32f019786539c9bd4cbe_png what you love, without having to worry about bills. There’s a lot of entrepreneurs who feel stressed, overwhelmed or burnt out, because they let the business control them instead of OWNING it. Everyone deserves more time, more money, more happiness. The way we see it, people are meant to enjoy an amazing life and make a positive impact in the world with their businesses…but we’re totally not sending out that energy if we’re stressed and overwhelmed all the time! Through personal development, skill development, and business development, we help other entrepreneurs work smart, not hard, in their business.” – Auret


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Through hosting financial empowerment seminars for youth in their local community, presenting at global “Create Lifestyle Freedom” webinars and teaching others how to build an online business part-time doing what you love, these girls are busy creating a legacy that will help others work smarter so they can live LARGER.





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