P15/09a Healing a 1LB Baby with Love

Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest Maria Delanote. Aired from March 3rd, on.

Only 24 weeks in the womb, born in the bathroom this baby was to change her mother’s life and the lives of others. They told her that her daughter would not make it, but Mama Maria would not give up and with energy healing love she gave her baby life.

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The-Healing-Of-The-1lb-Baby-1The bond between mother and child is one without equal in the history of sentient life. It encompasses avenues of connection which, to this day, have yet to be fully understood. But for Marie Delanote, the outermost shrouds of that bond were briefly lifted when her daughter Elouisa entered our world following a mere twenty-four-week pregnancy. The infant weighed little more than a pound, and in the ensuing fight for survival, hidden spiritual ties between Marie and Elouisa became increasingly manifest. Together they uncovered the chakras, mental triggers, and resultant physical events that once led to the crippling nightmare of premature birth, but would now serve as the only tools by which they could survive and outlast the shared threat to their lives.

The Healing of the 1lb Baby is the true story of that which lies beyond the simple sight of man; it is the true story of physical effects wrought by unbridled energies; but above all else, it is the true story of a mother and daughter who lifted one another from the very depths of mortality in order to claim a second chance at life.


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Marie Delanote was born in West Flanders, Belgium and relocated with her British husband and children to Essex in the UK in 2011. Her early years were dedicated to music, and she completed a masters degree in music/double bass at the ‘Lemmensinstituut’, Royal College of Music in Belgium. In addition to these academic feats, from a very early age, she had a fascination in spiritual practices.

Over the years, numerous courses have enhanced her knowledge and abilities and Marie has been a practicing healer for many years. She provides one on one consultations in the following – Chakra-therapy, Crystal-therapy, working with Ethereal Crystals, Past Life Regression therapy, Medium ship, Reading of Oracle cards ‘Belline’ and ‘Lenormand’, Numerology.

Her experiences and practices led her towards writing and her first book “The Healing Of The 1lb Baby” was published in November 2014. The book captured the attention of the media in the UK and the USA.








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