P15/05a “Ecocide is the Missing 5th Crime Against Peace”.

 Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest Polly Higgins. Aired from February 3rd 

download (33)Ecocide Law sits at the heart of an emerging body of law called Earth Law. Earth law puts people and planet first and ensures the well-being of the whole Earth community. Earth Law recognizes that the Earth has natural limits and boundaries, and it is for us to ensure the welfare of the entire Earth Community by putting in place laws that protect future generations.

One-day Ecocide will be a crime. All of the humanity depends on healthy ecosystems, so humanity has a choice: to either consciously prevent the extensive destruction of ecosystems or wait for the consequences to impact us directly. Either way, the status quo where Ecocide remains profitable and legal cannot continue forever, so a law preventing it is inevitable and will be with us soon.

However, the Law of Ecocide is more than a peace agenda. It will also trigger the ‘Green Economy’ and create millions of jobs, which will be good for people, societies, governments and shareholders everywhere. It is happening, and we need to get behind it now. 

I Dare You to Be Great
by Polly Higgins

Polly_Higgins_CCInternationally acclaimed Earth Lawyer, Polly Higgins, is journeying into greatness and inviting everyone of us to join her in collective affirmative action to save ourselves and the environment. !!
“We get to determine what the future is. Let’s engage in the big questions of our time, not the ones we already know the answers to” !!
World-renowned barrister and author Polly Higgins proposed to the United Nations in 2010 that ‘ecocide’ – the extensive damage or loss of the ecosystem of a given territory – be made a legally recognized crime. As a passionate advocate for more comprehensive environmental safeguards, since her campaign began, Polly has realized that great change, and thereby greatness, starts with the individual self and that before we can break the cycles of environmental harm playing out across the world, each one of us must break our own personal ecocides.

I Dare You to Be Great signals Polly’s rousing call to arms for all of the mankind to join her in one giant leap towards greatness.
A unique blend of memoir, academic treatise, and self-help, I Dare You To Be Great is divided into three critical stages. The first introduces the concept of what it is great and to achieve greatness; Higgins encourages her readers to reflect on their sense of self about the universe and to create their own personal vision of greatness. By identifying a distressing memory of childhood bullying, Polly reveals how in confronting and releasing such negative shackles she was able to open up to new experiences and accept her call to greatness. As people, we must celebrate,
improve and honor ourselves before we will be ready to transfer our self-care to that of the wider Earth community, ultimately extending personal compassion to ensuring the health and well-being of the Earth for future generations, thereby creating a more beautiful world for everyone.
Enlightening rather than didactic in her approach, Polly Higgins draws upon anecdotes from her personal and professional life with inspiring keys and tools for self-improvement that she has collected during her own journey.

I Dare You to be Great is warm, open and honest in its approach and will educate and move readers to tap into the often ignored sense that we are destined for – and capable of – something far greater. Polly heard and answered the call to greatness back in 2010 and has never looked back.
About the author: Polly Higgins is a former barrister and award-winning author who travels the world advising on her proposed international Law of Ecocide. Chairwoman of the Eradicating Ecocide Global Initiative and co-founder of the Earth Law Alliance, Higgins is widely recognized as the leading figure and specialist in her field, having, lectured in front of world leaders and been featured in Time Magazine and The Guardian. She has previously published two critically acclaimed books: Eradicating Ecocide and Earth is our Business. In recognition of her services to the Earth, Polly was
named Earth’s Lawyer at the Change Awards and named ‘One of the world’s top 10 visionary thinkers’ by Ecologist Magazine. In her spare time, Polly seeks out the wild and continues daring herself to be great.



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For more information on the book, please visit iamdaringtobegreat.com and for details on Polly Higgins’s work on Ecocide Law please go to eradicatingecocide.com.








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