15/03 Everyday Happiness:

Debut Show Airing January 20th-26th on “Everyday Happiness” with Vicki Mcleod

images (74)In her first show, Vicki rings in the new year with a look at the six dimensions that together make for a balanced and happy life. She’ll offer a simple way to assess your level of personal satisfaction within each dimension and practical tips to start from exactly where you are to increase your daily happiness quotient. She’ll introduce “Soulsetting”, a potent process for setting and achieving meaningful heart-centered goals that are aligned with who you are and what you truly want.  This broadcast launches Everyday Happiness, and is a powerful start to 2015.


More on Vickie and her work and shows please go to /sc-everyday-happiness/


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  1. It was a really good listen, things to think about and I love the idea of everyday happiness. will come back for the next session. thanks Heather

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