14/47 Ask Sara about Our Words

Aired November 25th-December 1st on Ask Sara with Sara Troy 


I don’t agree, I think words can cause more harm than those sticks and stones and at times as they stay with us forever.

Words spoken in pain, in hate, in a loss, in confusion, not only hurt but can damage one for life. Words become our belief, your perception of ourselves and we then define our selves through those words.

imageswrdSPEAK your words thoughtfully, speak with care in a tone that is inviting not damning. Use your words carefully that will lift up, embrace, and inspire others. OWN your words for once spoken they are hard to take back. 

Words written, spoken, sung, whispered, are the most powerful and empowering statements of how you feel, what you understand and what you INVITE, make sure you are inviting what you really want and that you are sharing life’s joy and possibility’s only.


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Let us discover the empowerment and uplifting of beautiful words.

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