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P14/45a Her Story Matters

 Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest Miss Harriet Khataba. Aired from  November 11th on.

Harriet, is a profound example of how women of all upbringings and creed may find success in all they choose to achieve. Miss Harriet Khataba is currently the owner and chief operator of the “Her Story Matters” (HSM). Her Story Matters is an organization, founded by Harriet, to spotlight and support women from across the globe in an effort to provide awareness and support for women to tell their stories and to emerge as a stronger and more successful individual. This effort would not be possible without the experiences provided to her throughout her life and career.

Miss Khataba is educated in the fields of Hospitality, Retail and Fashion with qualifications in a Degree in Hospitality and Business Management.

Harriet, has been part of many associations and causes. She has worked with organizations such as Merrill Lynch and Deutche as supervisor and organization management. Additionally, Harriet has managed distribution and customer service for companies in retail. She has thrived in the entertainment industry as well as events to date.

Harriet enjoys the arts as a dance instructor and she regularly organizes and acts as MC for many events. Most recently, Harriet has ventured into media producing quality human interest and youth programs and promotions.

And, she has developed a ten episode series called Trendz prior to her ground breaking work with     Her Story Matters.

Harriet heralds from East Africa where she was born and raised in Kenya.

As a child Miss Khataba recognized the hardships of an alternative culture from western influences. Harriet, was raised in a large family of six children with separated parents. Her experience guided her into a life navigated by a need to raise the awareness of youth and women in all cultures. Her passion to aid cultures, to influence understanding and to advance the awareness of misconceptions that lead to suffering through inequality of women in 3rd world communities and in the western culture.

Today, driven to make a difference, Miss Khataba is leading a cause to bring communities together across the globe and at home. Her Story Matters  is providing a medium for every woman to tell “Her Story”.


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You can help make a difference by promoting equality, by helping to eliminate common abuses of women and by speaking out to improve cultural differences that happen to women every day. Join Harriet in her cause to bring women through love and sharing across the world. By telling your story of overcoming your own hardships you will be doing your part to bring together women across the world to advance a global initiative. Her Story Matters Begins with your story today.

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