14/44 LYN de la MOTTE – Shamans and their significance today

Airing November 4th-10th on Inspiring South Africans with Heather de Wit and her guest Lyn de la Motte

BOBBY AND LARA'S WEDDING!Lyn de la Motte’s shamanic specialization is in Soul Recovery and deep Medicine Spaces to assist one’s empowerment and Soul Doctoring. She teaches, holds vision quests, workshops, and shamanic festivals globally.

About 20 years ago, Lyn was bitten by a black widow spider. This near death experience catapulted her into the world of shamanism when her teacher Ai Gvardi Waya, an Eastern Cherokee metis shaman, appeared.

Lyn is an artist, has a BA in Visual Art and taught dance and movement for many years. She is also a certified Crows Nest (Michigan USA) Shamanic and Sacred Breathwork Facilitator.


Soul Retrieval/Shamanic Journeys :You Tube


Crows Nest Shamanism : http://www.crowsnestshamanism.com/,

Facebook :/lyn.edgewalker

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