14/38 Ask Sara about the Loyalty of Animal Love

 Ask Sara with Sara Troy.The Loyalty of love starts withinAired on September 23nd on

425976_3239006891369_1278887675_nWe all want to be loved and to love another, but loving someone else to find love of self is not the key. We must be loyal to love its-self and to love of self when we find that love within we must nurture and care for it in order for it to grow. Love of living animals and people all starts with loving and being true to the love of your self.

Take some time to see these You Tubes on the loyalty of love that was never forgotten. We have a lot to learn from the animal race, a lot to grow by, and understanding that love should never die and be being loyal to the truth of love should never be forgotten.

And this one mans love respect and value of the Animal Kingdom where he keeps love alive and well.

Check this out it is amazing how years are not forgotten and love remains true.

Animals who love each despite the differences. 

Enjoy the sheer love of love and the loyalty and respect can bring.


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