14/36 More from the Schweitzer Formula

 Wise Health with Suma Nathan and her guest David De Febeo aired September 9th

daviddefebo200 (1)More from David and the Schweitzer formula and how it can help with about mouth infections due to dentistry and illness,  roaring ears(tinnitus)  skin bites and much more from this early 1900’s formula, that can take your healing to a different level!!

This week Suma and David cover how this formula helps these problems.


           Using on the skin:

For skin issues, moles, lesions and bug bites apply Schweitzer Formula directly to the affected area as often as desired.  For best results apply by rubbing the formula directly into the skin or use a cotton pad soaked with the formula and press the pad onto the area and hold for 5 minutes or so.  Do this at least two to three times daily.

For oral use:
Squirt one to two tablespoons of Schweitzer Formula into the mouth and swish around.  Hold in the mouth for 1-3 minutes.  You will feel a tightening of the gum tissue after a while which indicates that the formula has been absorbed into the gum tissue.  After this amount of time swallow the Schweitzer Formula to receive the additional benefits internally.

For ears:
Drop 2-5 drops of Schweitzer Formula into the ears.  Keep the head tilted for 1-2 minutes to allow the formula to be absorbed and take effect.  Then tilt the head upright and allow the excess formula to drain.
This helps remove wax and any infection that may be present.  In addition the formula helps to stimulate the healing response within the ear tissue.

Sara TROY says this stuff really works, I have been using it for some time now and it every time helps with acne, bits, an blemishes.


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Contact information:
David Louis DeFebo can be contacted by email at orders@schweitzerformula.com or by phone at 888-630-8837.
Visit the website at www.schweitzerformula.com
There is a great deal of information about Schweitzer Formula available on the website.
He will be happy to answer any questions by phone or email.

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