14/44 The Dating Game

Aired on October 21st-27th on Living Unapologetically with Tiffany Phillips.


In the year 2014, the era of instant gratification, “hit it and quit it,” communication via text Quotation-Rashida-Jones-dating-love-Meetville-Quotes-66430messages and songs like “These Hoes Aint Loyal” polluting the airwaves, how does one find the elusive “love?” And do you really have to play “the game” to still be IN the game? Do you put up a front on dates to seem more appealing or to be what you think that person wants you to be?

It’s time to pull off those masks and be unapologetically ourselves. You attract what you feel about yourself. Like attracts like, really attracts real.

What do you REALLY want? After being a guest panellist on “The Great Love Debate,” Tiffany speaks openly about being a single woman in Los Angeles and how she’s done playing games.0726_dating_630x420

Check mate!

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