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Originally Aired August 26th 2014  on Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest Lynne Dempsey

Lynne Dempsey is an Amazon best-selling children’s author of the books, TAKE THE DOG OUT! and NUMBERS! She is also a Readers’ Favorite Book Award Finalist and Global Ebook Awards Nominee.

Lynne’s goal is to make kids giggle while they learn. As a mother of two, she knows it can be difficult to get children to read. Sometimes, they get frustrated.

TAKE THE DOG OUT! is a picture book intended to build a child’s reading confidence. It has fun illustrations, repetitive text, and sight words. In addition to reading the story, a child can find hidden dog bones, count the barks, and look for something red on every page. Take the Dog Out! is a humorous picture book about a family who is too busy to take their dog outside. When the family ignores the barks, baking pans fly through the air, coffee splashes on the carpet, and Grandma gets wrapped in a cloud of toilet paper. Eventually, the family decides a walk outside is what they ALL need. (At the moment, TAKE THE DOG OUT! is Amazon’s #1 children’s pet books. It has been #1 for more than 45 days. It has also been #1 on Amazon’s best sellers list for Basic Concepts, Early Learning, Dogs, and Words.)

NUMBERS! is the second book in the Take the Dog Out series. In this book, children can help Coco and her neighbourhood friends count from zero to ten and back down to zero. Along the way, they add, subtract, and count the dog bones. NUMBERS! has also been on Amazon’s best sellers lists.

On a more personal note, Lynne is a former newspaper correspondent and a graphic designer. Her family includes a wonderful husband, two fabulous children, and a dog named Coconut. Coco is the inspiration for the Take the Dog Out! series. Coco loves going for walks!


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“a delightful, interactive dog story.” -Midwest Book Review

“entertain your children as you read it to them over and over” -Readers’ Favorite


Twitter @takethedogout and @dempseylynne

NUMBERS! book trailer on YouTube

TAKE THE DOG OUT! book trailer on YouTube

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