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P14/33b “LESSONS Crime, Games & Pain”

 Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest Scott Magri. Aired August 19th/14 on

Every so often a book of powerful honesty comes along to jog us out of our comfortable existence. Lessons is such a book. Author Scott Magri has lived the painful life of drugs, crime and physical brutality, and Lessons tells that story in his own words. He pulls no punches in the telling of this story, particularly when it comes to his own failings, but he firmly believes that the lessons he has learned so far in this lifetime were meant to be learned so that he might fulfil a higher purpose. Lessons chronicles Scott Magri’s forty-four years on this planet, the lessons he’s learned along the way, and his real purpose for being. His greatest hope is that his story will spark in others a desire to examine their own life in order to discover their own true purpose.

Scott Magri was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, now lives in Pitt Meadows, B.C. His story tells of a life of drugs, crime and physical brutality that began as a bullied youngster. He tells his story in his own words, so don’t expect great prose. He tells of the lessons that he has learned and the impact they have had on him. Now, at 44, and out of that life, he is looking forward to a purposeful future and hopes others will read what can happen in this crazy world that is called ‘life’. A must read: “LESSONS Crime, Games & Pain”

Scott says “When I made the decision to write this book, I was going to dig down deep and tell every single thing in hopes that it would help other people,” says Magri.

“If I told only half of it, it wouldn’t do what it’s supposed to do.”

Magri decided to start writing after his third suicide attempt.

“I felt my body was somewhere else. There was a message there,” he says.

Magri bought a computer and began typing the next day.

As soon as he started writing, he got chills and goosebumps. It was the start of his catharsis.

Magri soon used began using words as a way to deal with his demons brought on by years of drug abuse, criminal activity, broken relationships and aggression.

Scott now works with the police in helping kids prevent living a life or crime drugs and fear, he is an exemplary example of how life can be turned around when we decide to embrace our true value and not feed the fear hate or greed. He is open honest and in action to live a life of truth and purpose and helps others to leave crime behind. He is in resurrecting an old sanctuary called the Katzie Slough so that others may find peace and harmony in a sacred spot.


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