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HEART WISDOM by Jackie VanCampen

10590553_744461235618791_3477504844160236044_nWhat is perfection
But a point of view?
Perfection resides 
In the stories we create
In the listening of the ego
In the suppression of humanity

When we can let go
And just be ourselves
Without any judgment
We are no longer bound
By what we think is perfect or imperfect
Everything just is

Let your heart’s wisdom
Be the barometer of what’s perfect
And in doing so
You will find that
Are perfect just the way
You and they are

Free yourself from the shackles
That keep you from showing up
As the “perfection” you
Have been created to be
Honor who you are
And you will triumph over
The small self that keeps
Hanging on to the story
That you are either perfect or imperfect
Just be
And you will
master perfection
Instead of perfection mastering you

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