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As school is out for summer here in the U.S., many kids are getting ready to move away from home to attend college or travel or just start their own life. I think I’m picking up the energy around this as I talked to a client about her daughter possibly moving to college away from home. I began to miss my own daughter, who at almost 14, moved to a different country to live with her father and go to school. If you are a mother or have had to let go of someone you love, this poem is for you.

Make a Wish

Deep hues of blue, magenta, and purple
Color the dawning horizon
I see the first star
Decorating the sky
Twinkling with pride
I make a wish…

I close my eyes
And visualize
Remembering her scent
Tracing my fingers on her bare back
Listening to her wise words
Reminiscing the journey
We shared together
As mother and daughter
My heart longs for her tonight
Wishing to embrace her
To connect with, to laugh with, and to mother –
The child who has grown her wings
And flew into her own discoveries
To reveal the woman she is here to birth
Paving her own roads, for there will be many
Gracing the world with her strength and beauty

As I witness the flowering of this new generation
I am reminded that she is a part of my legacy
The legacy of the women who came before me
Who, in their own way
Cleared the path
So that we would
Pull back the veil
For the future
To emerge ever strong
Ever present
Ever flowing
She is my daughter
I am her mother

Tonight I make a wish
May she walk knowing who she is
With a twinkle in her eye
With a curious and wondering mind
With a heart that knows no boundaries
And with courage to reach for the stars

By Jackie VanCampen

Host of “Writers Divine Den” on PLV RADIO

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