P14/27b An Unapologetic D.I.V.A

Aired July 8th on Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her  “Living Unapologetically”  host guest Tiffany Phillips.


Once a little girl who wanted to be anyone but herself to a fully realised D.I.V.A ( dreams, inspirations, visions, and aspirations) who lives her life unapologetically, Tiffany Phillips shares the beauty of her imperfections in a relatable and candid way. Courageously leaving her small town at the age of 17 to pursue her dream of acting in New York, she shares how that experience was pivotal in shaping her into the woman she is now. Moments such as that are the through the line for her life of living on the edge, taking risks and living as the Nike mantra says, “Just Do It,” she does just that.

Living an adventurous life that most could only dream of and still, she’s not done. The best is yet to come. Stay tuned weekly to “Living Unapologetically” to hear her wisdom and humour wrapped up in a warm hug of inspiration.

“I take risks in my life because I don’t want to risk not living.” ~Tiffany Phillips

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Tiffany Phillips is an accomplished actress, comedian, singer, writer and producer based in Los Angeles with an extensive background in film, television and theatre. In February of 2013, Tiffany created her critically acclaimed one woman show “I Never Met a Jerk I Didn’t Like,” which she has performed to sold out audiences both in Los Angeles and Off Broadway in New York.

To do a solo show is a courageous feat. It is both cathartic and validating to write and perform from the heart. Being open to examining herself, her mistakes and able to laugh at them is what has made the show such a smashing success. People respond to authenticity and if there’s one thing Tiffany is, it’s authentic and real.

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