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If you’re reading this, YOU HAVE TIME, time to take another step, breathe another breath and make a better YOU.  Regardless of your journey, your story, your lot or your birth order, imagesmmmYOU STILL HAVE TIME to make a difference in your life and the lives of your loved ones, your friends and for that matter, the universe at large. Your money dictates your life, if you have or have not, how to get it, how to keep it, how to save it  how to protect it. Be you rich or poor are all governed by these thoughts. We want to know that we can afford our life style, afford to marry buy a home, raise some children and afford our old age, Money is not the culprit but just a tool, and when you know how to use that tool with the right mind set you can make that tool work for you. This is what we will be doing on these shows, Helping you overcome your adversity with money and learn how to use this global tool that helps you build a better life for you and yours.

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 “Jeffrey A. Forrest”  is a thirty-seven year veteran of the financial services industry.  As a rookie adviser, Jeff embarked on a knowledge quest to learn all he could, eventually acquiring eight advanced degrees and is currently half way through completing his doctorate in Global Training and Development.  He learned though that regardless of what you might know or learn, or what licenses you are bestowed with, if you get into bed with the wrong people, it can ruin a hard earned reputation in less than seven seconds!

Jeff-TM Headshot Sept-2009Having the opportunity to start over at the age of 54, Jeff’s story is one of courage, challenge, tenacity, resolve and faith.  Having to look deep within his own soul, Jeff had to determine exactly what he believed in, what he would stand for and stand against.

Now as a seasoned, experienced, caring and battle scarred financial services veteran, Jeff’s wisdom is sought after by truth seekers. His ability to holistically understand not only his client’s entire financial and estate matters but more importantly, their life values, their objectives and their life’s desires allows him to connect and serve them so that they will leave lasting multi-generational meaningful legacies.

Jeff’s way of being, of doing, and energizing inspires people to want to do more, be more and have more peace of mind.  His fingertips are just moments away from providing valuable resources just when you need them and his network of key contacts continues to expand world-wide.

Finally, and most importantly, Jeff married his college sweetheart, Pam,  thirty seven years ago and together they have raised three beautiful, independent and loving daughters, who, so far, have blessed them with four grandbabes.  They reside in the quaint resort town of Avila Beach, California and can often be seen riding their bicycle built for two, with their pomeranian–Rambeau–riding in the front basket along the Bob Jones Trail.

WEB PAGE:  www.thecorefg.com

Email: jforrest.thecorefg@gmail.com

Personal site jeffreyaforrest.brandyourself.com/

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YOUTUBE Story of “The Bus Crash”:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?

http://themoneycouple.com/money-personality-profile/ (Identifies your Money Personality)

http://themoneycouple.com/financial-relationship-quiz/  (Measures your Money Infidelity with your Partner)


A hedge fund we worked with imploded in 2007. I was the “whistle blower.” I called the SEC and worked hand in hand with the SEC to directly and indirectly help my clients recover as much of their original investment as possible. This resulted in a recovery of 50% to 93% of my client’s money. I was asked by the SEC to be their Key Witness in the event the case against the hedge fund management went to trial – I agreed. I stood firm and accepted my responsibility in doing everything I could possibly do to protect my clients and was therefore in the middle of legal, arbitration, and media events for about 2 years. Due to this experience, I decided to never again allow my clients or myself to be exposed to the type of risk, volatility, or potential loss of money that investments in hedge funds offer. It is for this reason that I have branded myself as “YOUR SAFE MONEY FOR LIFE COACH”. If you have any questions about anything in this summary of qualifications simply ask and I will provide you with additional information. I look forward to coaching and guiding you toward a life of financial freedom interlocked with guarantees from great companies worldwide. Email: jforrest.thecorefg@gmail.com

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