Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest  Richard Greenberg, author of the bookRaising Children That Other People Like to Be Around”. Originally aired Airing July 1st

Your daughter is dying her black hair fuschia. After eight years of cello lessons, your child prodigy says, “I quit.” You ask “What am I doing wrong?” The parenting process is designed to succeed, yet millions of parents wonder if they’re doing things “right.” After raising four kids over thirty years, Richard Greenberg shows how tapping into the common sense you already have is the first key to parenting.

This book gives parents an overview of the process while offering specific suggestions and guidelines to reduce conflict between parents and their kids, improve communication within any family, and replace the stress of parenting with true common sense.


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71e8dpifajl“Teaching children respect means showing respect for ourselves. It’s not easy to live an ‘exemplary’ life, but trying really hard to do so is exactly what being a parent is. None of us are perfect, but every day we have opportunities to show our kids the high road not only in our expectations of them, but in our expectations of ourselves.”

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Allow kids to be kids is key to a healthy adult.

1000811_473784259372067_2145200180_n Greenberg is a father of four, blogger, and the author of Raising Children That Other People Like to Be Around. A native of Los Angeles, California, Richard graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor’s degree in English in 1976. Shortly thereafter, he married his childhood sweetheart JoAnn, and they continue to happily parent their four children. After more than 30 years working in the entertainment industry (as a post-production executive, editor and writer/producer), Raising Children that Other People Like to Be Around is his first book.




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