SP14/13b A Unique Life Fully Lived.

Originally Aired from April 3rd on Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest Karen Kain.

KarenKBW17650_2 copyThis is a story of a mothers love, of never giving up and of believing in life no matter how challenged. But it is also a story of how a healthy baby became severely brain damaged due to a DPT vaccination.

This book is about the unique life, fully lived by Lorrin Kain.

Karen recently published her book, “A Unique Life Fully Lived”: A Personal Journey of Love, Hope, and Courage” based upon her experience raising her only daughter, Lorrin who died at age 14; spending almost of her life wheelchair bound. It is a story of mother/daughter love; communicating on a deep soul connection karen lorrinand Karen’s determination to give her daughter a life ‘fully lived’…which based up on the adventures in her book – defies the mind with the opportunities that were presented to Lorrin and which she relished thoroughly, even though she could never speak, move or talk. It is a story of unfathomable love and courage and faith.

Karen and L


Lorrin was born in Newport Beach, California, March 15, 1994. At six weeks, Lorrin had an adverse reaction to her one and only DPT vaccination. The vaccine attacked her brain, leaving her with severe brain damage. The doctors never had hope for Lorrin’s future. They suggested Karen get on with her life. Feeling abandoned by modern medicine, Karen turned to alternative treatments and spiritual guidance. Despite all of Karen’s best efforts, Lorrin continued to have horrible episodes of uncontrolled seizures that would land them in the hospital for days.

However, Karen spent every fiber of her being creating a life ‘as possibly’ normal for her only daughter. She enrolled her in regular schools, she had sleepovers with her girlfriends, she enrolled Lorrin in the Miss World Burbank Pageant, she gave her horseback riding lessons. Lorrin and Karen shared a deep soul connection and because of that, was also able to communicate innately with her schoolmates and all who came into her world. Lorrin experienced a life as fully possible for her restricted environment; yet unlimited spiritual environment. And her mission was successful; however short lived…Lorrin lived a life ‘fully’ and uniquely lived.

To her very last breath, Lorrin was brave and showed a sense of humour and courage that was unmatched. And as witnessed by those who knew her, there is only love.

   Mom, Life is but a coffee break.
as channelled by Lorrin Kain


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About the Author

Karen Kain was raised in Southern California, where she gave birth to her daughter, Lorrin. It has been Karen’s dream to share the lessons that Lorrin taught her about finding inner peace in any situation.

Currently, Karen travels around the US speaking at The Abilities Expo, health conferences, schools, and hospitals. She spends her time inspiring families, teachers, and caregivers with the beauty and importance of each soul, no matter their ability. Karen lives in eastern Oregon with her husband, James, and dog, Emma, where she is working on her next book.

karen kain

My daughter Lorrin was like the Grand Canyon. Some people stand at the edge and see a huge hole while others witness one of God’s wonders.  Karen Kain.

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