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P14/18b What is your LIVER KIDNEY AND COLON telling you?

Originally Aired May 8th, 2014 on Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest Suma Nathan.

This show is so good and relevant to the new year we are airing it again AND  AGAIN. 

Our Hearts brains limbs and blood all need good health from our colon kidneys and liver. If they are not in good health everything else suffers.

So what do we do to keep them healthy happy and working well for us? Tune in where we go in depth on each organ what we need to do to sustain good health for an active lifestyle.

So tune in and have a pen and paper ready, for you are about to learn everything you need to live a healthy organ life the Endocrine system and how to keep and make you healthy.


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Another show on your organs here

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Suma Nathan our host on Wise Health, gives us the knowledge that she has accumulated over 50 years. She and her knowledge is truly amazing, she is 78 years young and still works out daily and dances the night away.

check out her shows here wise-health

More on Sara  shows go to choose-positive-living


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