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14/4 How to Overcome Career & Life Challenges with Grace

Airing January 27th and again 29 & 31st 2 pm and 10 pm UK time on Rocking Your Role in Business with Jenny Garrett. 


Trisha Proud is Managing Partner at Partners In Solutions Ltd and author of Soulmate.

From life as a single parent climbing the corporate ladder in a male dominated environment to running her own training and consultancy business, Trisha has so many insightful stories to share of how she has faced life’s challenges with grace.

Trisha and host Jenny Garrett discuss:

You can find out more about Trisha and her work and her book Soulmate on Amazon.

Watch a video of her interview at

Read a blog from Trisha here

For more on Host Jenny Garrett and her past shows go to /rocking-your-role/

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