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00016 Fail Faster to Succeed Sooner

Airing 16, 18, 20th December on Its all About Business with Jenny Garrett and Izzy Chan,

Fail Faster to Succeed Sooner

Jenny Garrett interviews Izzy Chan, a filmmaker by passion and schooling, and a strategist & researcher by trade.

Izzy has a desire to share the stories of Big Flip families – where the man becomes homemaker, while the women is the breadwinner.

Hear about:

You know that dream you’ve been putting off, well this interview is going to inspire you to do it. Don’t miss this Rocking Your Role Show, Izzy Rocks!

You can find out more about Izzy’s groundbreaking documentary here

Airing Monday, repeating Wednesday & Fridays at 2pm PST Canada 10 pm in the UK


For more on Jenny and her past shows go to /members/jenny-garrett/  


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