0009 Ask Sara about Your Tone of Voice

Premiering 10-28-2013. Ask Sara 5 p.m. pst. Remember that the tone of your voice often conveys more accurately what is in your mind than do your words.

270116_373260922760880_1882852496_nIn a moment of conflict in a suggestive tone can destroy or threaten a relationship. A discouraged spouse or friend or family member can be motivated through a few carefully softly spoken chosen words. When we get into situations like these, we need to look beyond an immediate situation and act to preserve our future relationship with those we care for. But if your voice betrays your own anger, fear, or despair, that emotion, not the wisdom you offer, will be what others remember. Those who rise to the top in life are those who have learned to control their emotions. When you are a leader, of a business, family, team, others will watch you closely for the signals you send. Learning to manage yourself and all the ways in which you convey messages to others if you want to inspire them and demonstrate that you care about all the people in your life must be spoken on honesty care and authentically. .

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